Find Your Way Through Change:

An Online Course

This is the Change 101 course you never got in high school or college.  You'll walk away from this self-paced course with practical insight and simple tools & strategies that will help you understand & navigate the changes you're experiencing in your life with greater confidence & ease.



Our daily lives have changed dramatically lately.  

We’re in a global pandemic with no clear end in sight, and many of the things we may have taken for granted in the past are no longer available to us with the same frequency and ease - schools, offices, businesses, childcare, medical services, and grocery shopping, to name just a few.  

You might be working from home right now, managing your team and your kids from around the kitchen table.  You might be expected to go into work and may have safety concerns about this expectation.  You might not be working at all due to layoffs.   You might have already lost a loved one, or you might be living in a state of worry around your own health and the safety of those you care about.  

And these might be just a handful of the changes that you’re experiencing due to COVID-19.

Pandemic or not, change is a constant in our lives and coping with change can feel overwhelming and hard. 

And if you're anything like me - when things feel overwhelming & hard you might start worrying that you're not doing change "right," wondering if there's a "better" way to handle all that you've got on your plate and judging yourself when you can't answer that question.


So why take a virtual course on navigating change?

Frankly, "Navigating Change 101” was never a course that I took in any form of school that I ever participated in, and I could guess that might be true for you, too. Navigating change is not a standard subject in school, and yet it’s a critical life skill.

We often start out with a plan for how the world is going to work and how we think we will move through time and space in our lives. But then life throws us unexpected changes and loss, and we have to pivot and to navigate those challenges with a sense of adaptability and a growth mindset...if we want to survive, let alone thrive.

Yet the act of moving through change is something that we just don't get taught how to do.

Instead, we’re often left to figure it out on the go.  We experience life’s curveballs and fumble our way through to clarity (hopefully), and that can feel lonely and disorienting.  Trust me I know.

But what if you didn't have to learn everything on the fly? 

What if you could take a course that would orient you to how change works (so you knew what to expect and weren't always so surprised)?  What if you could learn tools & strategies proactively that would make navigating change easier for you?

That's what this course is - it's the Change 101 course I created for myself because I couldn't find it when I needed it.  And it's for you if you want to get on about the business of finding your way through the changes in your life rather than constantly wondering & worrying if you're doing change "well" or "right."


My goal is to make things easier for you - now & in the future.

With the rise of Covid-19 in an unknown world, the transition to remote work for many industries, along with continued technological advancements and the ever growing interdependency and interconnectedness we experience as a global community, our world is only going to get more volatile and unpredictable as the future unfolds. 

I've taken the best lessons and learning tools from my own personal experience of three+ decades of navigating change and combined it with fifteen years of professional experience coaching individuals and organizations through  transition periods and rolled them up to share with you.

While I want to be real that it’s not possible to totally eliminate the discomfort that goes along with change, this course will help you develop the perspective and build the skills you need to feel more equipped to thrive in this rapidly evolving and constantly changing world.

And feeling knowledgable & resourced from the inside out is no small thing in a world that often feels like it strips us of our power from the outside in.


I’m here to share wisdom & help you tap into your own.

  • You'll walk away from this course with greater clarity around how change works and affects people on a physical, emotional, and practical level so that you know what to expect and can let go of judging yourself for feeling & experiencing things that are simply part of the change process.
  • You'll develop greater self-awareness around your response to change and how you tend to work with and against it, so that you feel more choice and agency in how you show up and act during moments of change in your life.
  • You'll strengthen your change mindsets so that you approach the change process in ways that increase your motivation,  energy & ability to adapt when things around you shift.
  • You'll learn to discern what's most important to you amidst the noise and confusion of change so you can access your own intuition and trust yourself to take action that moves you forward in your life.
  • You'll build critical & transferrable life & leadership skills that will aid you in designing a life that feels authentic, sustainable, & meaningful to you -  in moments of change and beyond.

Ultimately, I will show you how to work with change, as opposed to against it (which is what we typically do!), so that you feel more grounded and intentional even as you experience the discomfort of change.

And I'll help you do all of this in ways that feel right sized rather than that you actually build the skills you need to navigate change rather than just reading about them.


What You'll Get Access To 

Instructional Videos

So you understand how change "works" & feel more skilled to navigate it.

Reflective Exercises

So you can reflect & apply what you're learning to your own life.

Discussion Guides

So you can dialogue with others about the changes you're experiencing.

Resource Lists

So you can deepen & continue your learning beyond this course.

This Course Is For You If You Are...

* Experiencing some form of personal or professional change in your life right now (ex: job shift, relationship change, personal loss, changes brought on by COVID-19, etc.)

* Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, or like you're spinning your wheels trying to do & be everything without much success

* Vacillating between hyper productivity and getting everything checked off on your to-do list to feeling totally wiped out and unmotivated?

* Spinning your wheels trying to make sense of the changes that you are experiencing in your own life or in the world.

* Wondering how to best support yourself and others when you find yourself struggling to act or to stick to new routines and commitments.

* Wanting simple tools and strategies to feel better, do better, and be better without having to read another dense book or follow a color coded schedule recommended in yet another article circulating online.

* Aspiring to navigate the change you're experiencing now (and future changes) with more groundedness & intentionality.

Course Overview

You'll Learn:

  • How change affects people - physically, emotionally, & practically
  • How to work with (vs. against) change
  • How to manage personal energy during change
  • How to acknowledge & make space for grief
  • How to discern & use personal values to create grounding rituals & routines
  • How to identify & leverage the strengths & resources inside & around you for support
  • How to use microchanges to experiment & learn in times of change
  • How to self author your experience through a change

You'll Get:

  • Four+ hours of engaging video lessons (8 core modules plus a BONUS one) taught by Alice Chen with visuals to illustrate each concept & idea
  • Eight downloadable & editable reflection exercises to help you synthesize & apply your learning to your life
  • Eight discussion guides with additional reflection questions and exercises to complete with a partner
  • A curated resource list to extend your learning beyond the course
  • A BONUS video module, reflection exercise, & discussion guide on how to self author your experience through change



What People Are Saying

Erin Jacobs 

"Alice is an incredible leader who helps people think differently about their lives and their roles in their work and in the world. In this course, you will learn concrete strategies to reflect on your daily life, reset your priorities and expectations, and move forward more confidently in your values."

Gabe Rodriguez

"Alice creates a space for people to reflect and move through this disruptive moment of change. She invites each of us to take some time to be present with our emotions. This course provides a lens into the emotional response to change and offers concrete tools/frameworks to situate those emotions." 

Lynda Apostol

"I absolutely enjoyed my time in this course with Alice! This course helped me become more self-aware and helped me understand how not processing my emotions (or making space for my emotions) works against my goals, and it provided me with right-sized tools to make emergent planning possible!" 

Find Your Way Through Change: An Online Course




  • Eight core modules WITH video lessons 
  • Eight downloadable & editable reflection exercises
  • Eight discussion guides 
  • A curated resource list 
  • A BONUS module & exercise on "How to Self Author Your Narrative Through Change"

Frequently Asked Questions

About Alice Chen

For over 15 years, I've been helping individuals and organizations develop the mindsets and skillsets they need to navigate the complexity of modern day life with confidence and intentionality.  I've worked with thousands of individuals to navigate change and transition in their personal and professional lives and am excited to share some of the biggest insights and tools I've discovered along the way with you in this course. Learn more about my background here.